And We’re Back



2017 is upon us and it is time to put into action all of those new courses and plans we have worked on over the break. It is also time for everyone who has ever thought about doing something new, to find the opportunities and grab them. Numurkah Community Learning Centre tries hard to provide just that, a centre for the community to come and learn. The thing we value above everything else, is the input of our community into what they want. What type of learning, what type of seervices and what type of courses will best benefit our community? On this website, we have a page called the expression of interest page. It would be really satisfying to have some responses in there that we can use to build on the foundations of what we already do and make Numurkah Community Learning Centre even better. So have a think and put something down in writing. It is your Community House. Let us know what you want.

Welcome to 2017



The holidays are here already?!?!



Hello again!

It feels like only yesterday (so cliché) that I posted on here last talking about Term 3 rolling in. Since then, Term 4 has been and gone and Christmas is knocking on the front door! I know this is something that has been said a lot this year but, this year has definitely flown by.

We’ve had a very successful year at NCLC. The teachers here at NCLC have delivered their courses with high levels of professionalism and enthusiasm and the subsequent results reflect their dedication and passion for the job. A huge heartfelt “Thank You” to Michelle, Alexandra, Barbara, Janine, Libby, Sarah and Marionfor giving NCLC and the students your time, knowledge and expertise.

Another huge heartfelt “Thank You” to the wonderful staff at Bridie Knight Childcare (Jayne, Annette, Kirsty, Gaye, Carol, Bow, Molly and Karen) who have also given us their time, care and professionalism. They have been providing extra hours and had many new children come in for their Occasional Care services which has been a massive boon for families and the community.

One last (but by no means least) “Thank You” to all the ladies and gentlemen who volunteer their time at the Courthouse Craft shop. Unfortunately there are too many names to list but, we do appreciate all the time you spend creating your wonderful crafts and foods.

So what will 2017 bring? Who knows but, it’s a brand new year with many new and exciting possibilities and opportunities. You could be a part of one, or more, of those possibilities or opportunities. Just come in or give us a call and we can talk about what those could be.

To everyone who may read this, and to those that don’t, please have a safe and Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year to you and your family. Hopefully Santa brings you many fun gifts  We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you in 2017!




Term 4 is just around the corner. (Where has the year gone?!)

Hello everyone,

Man, have I been lazy in posting this year or what? That being said, where has the year gone?! It has only been four posts since the last Christmas post and it’s almost time to post another one with Santa kicking back on the beach again.

As Deb has posted previously, we have a new Cert III in Education Support starting up when Term 4 begins. Fantastic news as it means that we are finally able to branch out a little more and create more courses for the community! Speaking of courses, we have the new Term 4 Program uploaded and ready for your perusal under the courses tab on the left. We have courses that fit just about anyone at the moment. First Aid to Food Handlers, Yoga to Make-Up courses and then there are the Computer and Tablets/iPad courses too. As usual we are always open to suggestions for future courses too, just let us know and we can see what we can do about it.

Have you heard about Project Re-Vive? You may have seen the flyers around town or they may have been slipped into your letterbox. Maybe you’ve seen them up in business windows around the town of Numurkah? No? Well it’ll be my pleasure to tell you all about it! Project Re-Vive is an exciting new project within the community, supported by the Numurkah Community Learning Centre. The project works with young people and different groups in the community to create an inspiring shard space down Murray Avenue. What does all that mean? Well, we are attempting to revitalise Murray Avenue and make it available to the community with a revamped garden space, hopefully with some vegetable gardens, and a building to be used for community activities. What we need though are donations of materials such as bricks, pallets, pavers, paint, sand/soil. Items that we can recycle and use effectively within the garden space. Tyres for garden beds, pallets to create chairs and tables. If you’re interested in having a discussion about it or have something you wish to donate please feel free to call when Term 4 starts as Alex wont be back until then.

Well that’s all I can currently think of for this post. Take care and hopefully we hear from you some time in the future!

Term 3 begins July 2016

Hello everyone!

Welcome to Term 3.

We have some new courses starting in July:

Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing, Home and Community or Disability) will commence on Wednesday 20th July.  This course is provided by Yarrawonga Neighbourhood House – RTO: 21765.

Certificate III in Education Support to start late July 2016 and will run one day a week until June 2017.

We have a new Social Art Group meeting every 2nd Monday at 1pm to 4pm commencing the 11th July.

Make-Up Course provided by Devine Beauty will commence 31st August at 7pm to 8.30pm for two evenings.  Learn how to take care of your skin and apply your make-up like the professionals.

Jewellery Making Class – Learn basic techniques to create your own earrings, bracelet or necklace – commencing Tuesday 12th July at 10am – 1pm.

Introduction to Computers; Beginners Computers; iPad / Tablets for Beginners and One on One Computer / iPad training available.

Please see our current program for more details on all of the courses we have on offer.




New year! New beginnings!

Hello everyone and welcome to 2016!

As you may know already we have moved to the Information Centre at 99 Melville Street but, what you may not know is that we have more room now which means we have the capacity to provide more for you and the community. Only thing is, we don’t know what you and the community would like to learn. Because of this we are including an “Expression of Interest” form on this page which allows you to tell us exactly what it is you would like to study or learn. Naturally we can’t run it unless we get enough people expressing interest, so get your family and friends to jump on board and fill out the forms too! The more interest we garner, the more likely the course will run. The same goes for those who wish to teach. If you want to run a course or program, please let us know through the “Expressions of Interest” page. We will do our best to contact you as soon as possible regarding your suggestions.

At the end of 2015 we had our CGEA, Education Support and Aged Care teachers leave for various reasons. All three will be sorely missed as they each were wonderful to work with but, we do have some new teachers jumping on board so those courses will still be running in 2016.

Don’t forget we still sell V-Line tickets here as well and there has been an update to the timetable for the Numurkah – Shepparton run, so feel free to drop in and pick up a new time table.

And now for something completely different…. Bohollow Wildlife Shelter have 2016 calendars for sale at the moment at the Learning Centre. $20.00 buys you a full colour calendar with the different species that Bohollow rescue, rehabilitate and release back into their natural habitat. That $20.00 goes back into Bohollow and helps them continue to provide this service for all the furry (and not so furry) critters out there.

As a last little thing, remember it’s still Summer and it’s still quite hot out there (though at the time of writing and publishing this it’s raining and cooler…strange Australian weather!) so please try to stay cool, hydrated and as comfortable as possible.

Thank you for reading and remember to stay safe out there.